Thursday, March 11, 2010


My school is having a "Sweet Silent Auction" tonight in conjunction with the chili supper and talent show fundraiser. I haven't had time to bake anything - much less a "sweet" - but I did find time to paint one!

This is my donation complete with large green on green polka dots in the background, rhinestone sprinkles, and three strands of shimmery ribbon. It is just so cute! I hope it gets a big bid!


pixiedreams8 said...

*Smiling* Very Cute!

Stopping by from SITS! Happy Thursday. :D

panamamama said...


Katie said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from SITS! This is adorable! (And I did smile when I saw it!)

annalene said...

Hi there, dropping in from SITS!

That is sooooo cute, I'm craving Red Velvet like crazy now :)

creative concepts said...

you know i love to paint a cupcake!!! this one looks YUMMY!!!!