American Girl - Saturday Tutorial

Many of you already know that I took my daughter to the American Girl Place in Atlanta for her fifth birthday. We had such a nice time and Lauren wanted to "make something" to remember it by. She needed a little stool in her room and I found this one at Michael's. I had a 50% off coupon so it was only $7.00.

First, we painted the stool with two coats of white craft paint.

Next, we used American Girl scrapbooking paper (also available at Michael's) and Modge Podge. Just cut out interesting bits and pieces and layer them over each other with thin coats of the Modge Podge. It looks cloudy, but dries completely clear in a few hours.

Finally, I sprayed the top with glitter (you can never have to much sparkle!) and the whole thing, legs and all, with a clear glaze.

Here is the finished project beside her bed. She sits on it when playing with her dolls, stands on it to reach the high things in her closet, and uses it as a table or a desk for her babies.

Now we have a useful yet inexpensive keepsake. Plus, we had fun working on it together!


♥ Katinka said…
Stopping by from SITS and wishing you an awesome weekend :)
Brandie...this is a fabulous idea!!! too cute....
Paula Wanamaker said…
I LOVE THIS!!! I'm sure Miss Lauren loves it too:)
THANKS for the kind words in the comment:)
It was great to see you too, but was a little sad Arden didn't get called back---oh well:)
Hope you had a great weekend:)
Much love,
Ashley Hamby said…
I LOVE Modge Podge as well. You can make ANYTHING with that stuff. I have been making magnets for friends and family. I will post one soon on my BLOG so you can check it out. By the way, I LOVE your 5th grade BLOG!! Cannot wait to keep reading your blog!
Mod Podge Amy said…
How cute! I love it!
How cute! I bet she had a blast helping you with it!
I'm visiting from Tip Junkie!