100 Stars Project

For Lauren's 100th day of school each child had to bring in a "100 project". Lauren loves to cut (as you all know, that includes hair!) so we decided to cut out one hundred stars. That sounds like a good idea. Actually, my hands were hurting and I thought I was done and counted. I only had 44. Plus, all of the the scrap paper is a mess!

Once we got the cutting part done, we used a 16x20 canvas and modge podge to create our 100 stars artwork. Of course I had to supervise, but Lauren was able to do a lot of the work.

After all of the modge podge completely dried, we numbered each star. Then I sprayed the whole thing with a coat of glitter and clear spray sealant. Those stars aren't going anywhere!

Here she is just before bedtime getting one more count in. She loved her project, was proud that she did it "all by herself", and counted them over and over again. We ended up giving the canvas to Mrs. Tina to hang in her classroom.


How cute. Lauren is lucky to have such talented help!
Angela said…
Very cute! Looks like something I might have to steal in the future! :)
Mod Podge Amy said…
Yay! I love this.