Sweet Nothings

Here are a couple of sweet nothings...

I love giving and getting surprises. I gave these little Valentine surprise sweeties away this year. This one went to the Kirby family. They lost everything recently in a home fire. I just can't even imagine what they must be going through. I know they are moving into a temporary house and thought something personalized might make it feel more like a home.

This one went to Miss Cathy Smith. Cathy is my building's janitor at school and she is awesome. She works so hard and keeps every single thing shiny and good smelling - which is no small feat in an elementary school. She is still there cleaning every afternoon when I turn out my light and leave. Thank you.

My family got more of a display of affection rather than an item for Valentine's day. While Mike and I did exchange gifts, the kids have boxes and boxes of stuff from school and grandparents. I simply made their pancakes heart shaped instead of the regular circle kind.

I hope you all had a special Valentine's Day as well!


aww that is gorgeous! you are so talented!
and ur valentines heart pancakes are so sweet!

visiting from sits :)
Jessica Jones said…
so cute! (and sweet too)
stopping by from SITS and am now a FOLLOWER!