Open For Business

I just finished this sign for the Red Door Salon. Bethany wanted a tin sign that could be hung outdoors on a wire mannequin. One side needed to say "open" and she wanted to be able to flip it over for when they went to lunch. What a great idea!

I found a tin sign at Hobby Lobby that had a neutral pattern on the front. I sanded the slick finish off so the paint would stick, taped off a small border and went to work. The back side of the sign was plain brown. I know they are using animal prints in the salon, so I gave them a neutral giraffe patterned background.
I sprayed with three coats of clear polyurethane since it is going to be fully exposed to the elements. I really like how it turned out! I drive by the Red Door every morning and afternoon on my way to and from makes me smile to see it out there!


Just gorgeous! I saw it hanging there myself! You do such pretty work.
Elizabeth Patch said…
HI, it is nice to "meet" another artist! thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving comments on my SITS day.
Unknown Mami said…
It looks fantastic!

Thank you for visiting on my SITs day!