Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Little Princess

The pageant is over and my girl didn't win anything...but she had a great time! It was such a nice, well run pageant and everyone went out of their way to make each girl feel special. You know she wore that tiara to La Cazona!
In all the excitement, I did not get a good picture of her in her dress! I'm terrible! I am hoping that my mom or sisters managed to get a good one. That blurry picture is awful but I really wanted you all to see the dress we finally chose. I love that blue!

A big congratulations to Mallory Shelton, Elena Holder, Hailey Woods, and all of the other winners. Thank you to Susan, Caroline, Shawna, and all of the other wonderful volunteers. We had a very special night!


gringationcancun said...

Very cute! I like that intense blue with her blonde hair.

Paige said...

So cute!

Saylorsmom said...

She looked adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!
Monica S.