Golden Weekend

It has been a busy weekend. I can't believe it is already Sunday afternoon. Why doesn't the work week go by this fast? We went out to eat Friday night and enjoyed some family time. Saturday was indoor soccer and I had to get some canvas orders filled.
I love this warm welcome sign. The two tones of gold and the brown are so pretty paired with the printed ribbon.

Saturday night was a big night for us. The students who met the fourth six weeks reading challenge were honored as the ball boys and ball girls for the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles. They got to sit right under the basketball goal and get a close up look and the action.

Here they are in action! I am so proud of all of my readers. Thank you so much to Mike, Ginger, Mark, Ruthie, and Carol for driving. Thank you also to those wonderful parents who help their children read. I know I need to make more time for this with my own children. It's not always easy!

Finally, I was running errands after soccer in town on Saturday and tried the Roller's BBQ Wagon for a quick lunch. I've made no secret of my love for their food. I wait each year for the Autumn Street fair highlight of BBQ nachos. They had them! Yes, I ate the whole thing. Scraped the bowl clean.
If I am ever on death row and I get to choose my last meal...this is it. That's all I'm saying!
Have a great week!


Ashley said…
brandie, i am loving this welcome sign soooo much! :)
Kent said…
Where is this at? I have never heard of it and the food looks awesome!