Father/Daughter Date Night

Mike and Lauren attended the Father/Daughter Date Night last night and had a ball. They went last year for the first time and Lauren has been talking about it ever since. She loves everything about it...the dress, the pictures, the pecan pie, and especially the dancing!

I snapped a few shots of my sweethearts just before they left.
So what did Carter and I do on our mother/son date night? We had plans to go bowling with friends, but I've got an awful head cold and just didn't feel up to it. We went to get take out and a RedBox movie, stayed in our pajamas, and snuggled in under the electric blanket. I asked Carter if he was disappointed that our night didn't turn out as planned. He told me it was the best date night ever. I guess that is another difference between boys and girls!

Thank you, Mike, for being such a wonderful father and making our little girl feel special. Happy birthday to my father and another great dad in our family, my brother-in-law, Adam.


Maranda Danelle said…
What a cute couple! Hope they had a blast!
Saylorsmom said…
She looks so pretty. How fun.
Ashley Barnes said…
So cute! I hope they had a fun night.
Thanks for the sweet comment about Adam too. We do have great hubbys!