Dress Shopping

It's that time of the year...pageant time! My little girl loves all things pageants from trying on dresses to hot rolling hair. I think it is a lot of fuss and muss for the ten minutes they actually spend on stage, but she enjoys it and I like spending time with her.

We went with Emily on a dress shopping adventure. This is only her second pageant and the first time around we bought a lovely used dress. After I got over the sticker shock, we had fun and she never tired of trying them on and twirling around.

Which one did we end up going with? It's not even pictured. I'm saving it for a surprise!
The Snow Princess Pageant is tomorrow night. I am so glad to know that every little princess gets a tiara and that all of the proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House. Good luck to you all!


She is adorable!! Good luck tonight!
Brianne said…
Your daughter is adorable! Dress shopping sounds fun! I am sure she felt like a princess. I love that everyone gets a tiara and that it is for a good cause.

Have Fun!

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