Brothers and Sisters

My "bestest" childhood friend has moved back to McMinnville after a two year stay in Ohio. I am so happy! I love seeing her children play with my children. It's like everything has come full circle.

Allison Stiles wanted something special for her children's rooms. They are staying in an adorable little home while their dream home is being built. The girls are sharing a room, so she wanted them to match. They also match the stripes on their bedding.
I love those colors! Can't you just see those for a pretty Easter or spring monogram or welcome sign? Hmmm....

Bryson has a room of his own. He got the boy version of the same striped pattern.
Welcome back, Stiles family! I'm so glad you're home!


Allison Stiles said…
Thank you again for the canvases. They are perfect and the kids were so excited to see them hanging on their doors! Thanks also for the "welcome back." We are looking forward to spending more time with you all!
Paige said…
Love the colors on the girls! So cute.