Winter Sale!!

What's that...there's only one project on my table? I don't know what to do with myself! I was looking at last January's posts to see what was going on and noticed that I had a very successful sale. Let's do it again!

With all of the snow days and sick days, I have gotten all caught up. Look at that big stack awaiting delivery.

Today until February 14th, each canvas is $5.00 off.
That's $5.00 off each canvas, not the whole order. That's a great deal! Those little 5x5's are now just $10.00. Those ever popular "established" canvases are just $25.00. Plan ahead and get your gifts at a great price!

Remember that I also have three Valentine's canvases and one little wooden sign available immediately!


Brandy said…
yay - a sale! I can't resist a sale. I want to order one of the "established" canvases. email me
Deborah said…
Email me your valentine's canvas! I'm very interested! Thank you!