Snowmen For A Snow Day

I'm at home today watching this beautiful snow fall. It really is a pretty snow. It is amazing how fast everything turns white. I had been wondering what to post today. I've got some really cute recent projects to choose from, but the snowmen seemed appropriate.
This sweet little 5x5 snowman went to Mileah Knowles. I love the pink touches and tiny hearts. I also like the pink gingham ribbon combined with the sheer. Perfect for Valentine's!

Tammy McClain ordered this 8x24 snowman family for her daughter, Courtney, as a Christmas gift. She requested that beautiful beaded handle. I love the way she included the family pet!

I am hoping for enough to make a real snowman!


Ashley's Attic said…
You should definitely have enough snow! This is good snow for snowmen...very sticky. If you don't have enough out there - come on to our house!
Crystal said…
So pretty! I love snow days...we finally got one here today. :)