Show Us Your Life - Fashion Tips

The past few "Show Us Your Life" events and Kelly's Korner have sort of snuck up on me and I didn't participate. I did enjoy looking! Since I am home today, I decided to get it together and share some fashion tips. I am by no means a fashionista, but I do enjoy fashion and try to stay on top of things. I wait for my monthly "InStyle" magazine! I also love all of the dresses that come out around Hollywood's awards season.

There won't be any stilettos or ballgowns in my future...let's just be real. My style is more laid back, relaxed, and comfort is key. Many of you know that I am a teacher and on my feet all day. I am also up down and all around. I am an artist, so I like to be a little creative with colors and am drawn to more bohemian things.
I like to pick a few good basics like chinos, trouser jeans, knee-length skirts, good t-shirts in black, gray, and white and mix and match. Throw in some funky cute accessories to stretch your wardrobe. These two necklaces, one long and one short, from Reminisce Heirlooms are my favorites. They add just the right amount of spice to any outfit and go with everything.

Shoes are the other way to add interest to an otherwise boring outfit. These navy and lime Pumas are so comfortable and cute. You can see that I am all about ballet flats. I get a lot from Target in funky colors and patterns but I will spend more for quality basics. Those shiny black ones (Nine West) and those silver ones (vacation souvenir from Spain) have been well worth it!

I do love my classic navy Jack Purcell's and natural Converse All-Stars. They literally go with everything!

I am new to scarves. I like them, but am still learning what works best for me and what goes with what. The Mickey one was my souvenir from our trip this fall. The monogrammed one was my Christmas gift from the in-laws.

Well, that's about all I've got for you. I hope you enjoyed the visit and will come back soon!


Sarita said…
I have those same flats from Target, only in black! I love those lime green ones, too!
Michelle said…
I just discovered scarfs, I love your monogrammed one, I'm going to have to get one!! WooHoo another reason to go shopping, LOL!!!
Briana Kate said…
Love all of the scarves! I believe they can so make an outfit! :)
Wesley Hillis said…
You have great taste! =)
dawn said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog... yes I have a large family and it can be trying, but the struggle for balance and sanity is worth it, most of the time!:)

Scarves- I don't do them well but my SIL does. Her tip- buy napkin rings on clearance at high-end dept stores to use as scarve rings... she has some stunning ones she picked up for next to nothing! She is the queen of deals!