Giveaway Winner #9

I don't know what to say! I am not usually left speechless, but well over 1,000 comments will do that to a girl. I've been watching for the last few minutes, actually Mike was watching and I was painting, but he was yelling the number to me every few minutes! There was over 45 comments in one minute. Crazy!
Tiffany Sadlon, you earned it tonight! Tiffany left my 846th comment. Several of you commented many, many times and I wish I had something for you all. You get my thanks and I hope you enjoyed the thrill of the hunt!
Thank you, Julie, for donating the gift card. I appreciate you so much!
You all be sure to check back tomorrow as the giveaway frenzy continues. Let me just say that it is not what you think it is (hint, hint!).

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Tina said…
congrats to Tiffany, she gave it a good shot
Anonymous said…
and you didnt think you'd win tiff! lol congrats
tiffany s said…
Oh my gosh!
I thought that either Anne, Kim C., Kandice, Kristin, or any other girls would win but this is a surprising!
I had so much fun girls!
Thank you so much Brandie!!
(BTW, I hope it didn't take you forever to count to figure out who won!)
Karen Lange said…
Congrats, Tiffany!
Paula Wanamaker said…
I think I know the "hint, hint", but I'm hush-hush until then:)
I am so excited for you and your very successful giveaway:)
Thanks for helping me out yesterday--I really appreciate it:)