Giveaway Winner #8

You guys broke the record tonight! I mean shattered! Over 200 comments in twelve hours is more than I ever hoped for. Do you know that I set my goal at forty comments each day to feel successful? You can only imagine how I feel now.
Thank you all for making this work, spreading the word, and most of all, having fun! Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your talent and for being so generous. And thank you, Kim Cantrell, for leaving the forty third comment, the winning comment! Congratulations!

Well, let's see if we can go for 250 tomorrow. If you have kids, will have kids, or know any kids, you are going to want to enter! Tiaras and Tadpoles will be featured.

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Tanya said…
Crud!!! Congratulations to Kim though! What's a girl to do?? :-)
Shannon said…
Congrats Kim!

It's ok Tanya, there's always tomorrow! :)
stephanie said…
Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks, Brandie, for hosting the giveaway! You guys were cracking me up with all of your entries...maybe there should have been a prize for the person with the most entries. :)
Seriously, though, thanks for all of the complements and kind words, and congrats to Kim...I see myself painting an eagle in the future. :)
Anonymous said…
Just now back from the movies and told Steve I have to check to see if I had I cant wait to see what kind of Eagle she comes up with..Love you Steph