Giveaway Winner #6

Finally! I know I am running a little late tonight. I thought that nine o'clock would allow me plenty of time after church, but since school is out (yippee!) we went to Hastings for a few movies. There's nothing better than watching a good movie in the middle of a weekday!
The lucky number tonight is eighty six. My eighty sixth comment belongs to none other than Monti Hillis! This is really funny because Monti was in my ladies' class tonight and she mentioned how badly she wanted to win. I am so happy for her! Congrats, Monti!
Thank you, Paula, for giving away such a special gift pack. It seems that everyone in Warren County wanted it. Thank you to everyone who is leaving comments and participating. That really is what makes it fun.
Tomorrow the featured blogger is Kandice Patrick. Be sure to come back to win her adorable custom made creation - especially if there is a little girl in your life!


~Kim~ said…
Congrats to Monti!
Paula Wanamaker said…
OMGosh....190 entries...WOW!!!
Congrats to Ms.Monti:)

I hope she enjoys:)
Thanks to EVERYONE who entered, and thanks to Brandie for allowing me to be a part of such an AMAZING giveaway, and to be amongest such talented ladies:) YOU ROCK:)
Wesley Hillis said…
I was at my moms tonight and MADE her enter EVEN showed her how too enter!! I am so jealous!! LOL I just called and told her!! She is SOO EXCITED...I am going to share her stuff Ms. Paula!!! So excited!!!
ellaandmommy said…
Ella Claire called to give her Gran the good news. She was excited. My bet is that Gran only shares with two little stinkers! :)