Giveaway Winner #3

There was some heated commenting going on tonight! Thank you all for checking back, leaving such nice comments, supporting our local talent, and making this thing fun! Tonight's lucky number is ninety-one. My ninety first comment belongs to Holly Hodges! I know Tabetha is thrilled with Holly being our winner tonight. She is such a wonderful lady and customer. Congrats to you, Holly! Thank you, Tab, for the awesome giveaway item. It seems that they are going to be pretty popular!

Just a hint - tomorrow's giveaway sparkles! Be sure to check back and enter. Now go bundle up!

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Anonymous said…
Congrats to Holly!
I'll be getting in touch with Tabetha and seeing if she could make me a special piece since our little boy will arrive in 3.5 more weeks. I really like the stamped jewelry.Would love something to commerate all of my babies! Thanks to you and Tabetha for the giveaway.

Monica S.
Saylorsmom said…
Oh wow!!1 Yay me! Am I a lucky girl or what?
Mandy said…
Ok that is not even right! lol. She wins everything. :)
Brandie- Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway. I am so excited about the participation that I will be doing another giveaway on my own blog next month. I just wanted to say thanks. I can't wait to enter some of the others this week!
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