Giveaway Winner #12

I have officially rung in the new year in the best way possible. I gave everything I could think of to give, but what I have gotten is so much more. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a nice comment. I have enjoyed reading them every night, but especially tonight. I combed through and pick out a few favorites...

You are such a creative person and a wonderful wife and mommy who I admire and feel lucky to call a friend.
Anne Vance

I think Brandie is as sweet as she is talented!
Lindsey Matheny

I enjoy reading your blog daily, and look forward to all your postings. You've inspired me to make some custom artwork for my own home, and I just love the way it has turned out.
Amy Wilkey

I want to thank you and all the other talented women who offered their time and talent for making this so enjoyable. And to you for putting this whole thing together, it has been so much fun.
Rennie Cantrell-Topper

You are so talented! I love seeing what new ideas you develop! And great idea on the prize! It's like the gift that keeps giving!
Denise Skelton

You are going to do this every year, right?? GREAT way to start the year off!!
Wesley Hillis

She better do this every year! Too much fun! Even if you don’t win, its still fun trying!
Kristin Green

I have been waiting for today and you are doing an awesome giveaway.
Holly Hodges

I stumbled upon your blog from someone else late last year - too late to get my Christmas order in to you :( Now I'd LOVE to win something, but if I don't I will be just as excited to purchase one of your beautiful creations!
Jeni H

I love your story!!! Glad you are doing what you love!!!! I would like to win and have one of your pieces of art!! I hope I win!!!

I read your blog daily and drool over the things you paint. I would love to win this. Thanks for being such a generous person and doing this wonderful thing!
Holly Bailey

Love you and ALL your special talents:) You’re an amazing mom, sister, daughter, teacher, and friend:)
Paula Wanamaker

What a phenomenal giveaway! wowza!!! LOVE it!

Wow! This is a fabulous giveaway. The gift that keeps on giving!!!! A new canvas every season, that would be just awesome! I'm glad you shared about Nancy being your first customer. I didn't know that. I love her so much! She's a sweetie!
Patty Boyd

I love all the canvases that you done for me!! You are a VERY talented young mother, wife, sister, etc!!
Tiffany Sadlon

This really would be an amazing gift to win!!! You truly are an awesome artist--I love your work!
Pam Johnston

Thank you so much for doing this giveaway. I have had the most wonderful time...on BOTH sides of the fence! Your art is are fabulous...and I hope you are fortunate enough to see how special your talent is as the rest of us do! Thanks again!!!
Kelly Roberts

Anytime I am feeling blue I am going to revisit this post. Anytime I need an ego boost or feel like quitting I am going to revisit this post. Anytime I need to be reminded of what wonderful friends I have I am going to revisit this post. Maybe I do need to do this every year!

Some of you entered bunches tonight and I knew it was going to be interesting. The luckiest number of them all is eleven. The eleventh comment belongs to Tanya Jones! Congratulations, Tanya! I know you've been visiting and commenting through the whole twelve days. Thank you for hanging in there!

I am sad that it is ending, but I do have lot of artwork photos piling up that are just begging to be shared!


Tanya said…
Yay!!!! I am soooo excited!!!! Wesley just told me on facebook. I just walked in the door...
Tanya said…
By the way, thank you sooo much for the awesome idea of a giveaway. It was really fun Brandie. I am really lucky to have won your gifts...You know I love your work. I will think of you everytime I hang them. Love ya bunches.
This has been an awesome experience. I have truly been blessed by being a part of it. Thanks so much for including me. I'm like Wesley, I think this should be a yearly event!
Anonymous said…
i really wanted to win one of your amazing paintings but maybe next year(if you do this again)!!:)

Madeline Haston
Anonymous said…
Thank you for having such an awesome 12 days of was such fun participating. Congrats to all the winners :)

Monica Schoeneck
Tina said…
I have had a blast. Your giveaways really gave me an opportunity to learn about some of the talent right here at home. I have enjoyed visiting all of the blogs you shared.
Congrats to Tanya!!!
Mandy said…
The winner couldn't have been a sweeter person. Congrats Tanya! Thanks for the 12 days of excitement Brandie!
Kara said…
Well you are fabulous and you should hear it more often! Lots of the women who commented on your blog deserve to hear it too! Always keep doing what you do because you are fab at it!
Karen Lange said…
The Giveaways were so much fun! Thanks for having them and for making cyberspace a little more interesting with a wonderful blog:)
Mim said…
Thank you, sweet lady, for hosting the Giveaways! It was a great way to learn of some of these talented ladies!