Too Cool For School

For Rhonda Martin at West Elementary. She picked a beautiful font. I love the zebra print ribbon!

For Ashlee Reep at Hickory Creek Elementary. Ashlee sent me a photo of something she saw and liked with all of these little dots and flowers in a rainbow of colors on a black background. She wanted that with peace signs worked in. I hope this is what she had in mind. This one would certainly catch your eye going down the hallway!

For Ashley Silvas, and I'm sorry, Ashley, but I don't know where you teach! Ashley wanted purple, lime and yellow to match her classroom. Also, Ashley teaches in the upper grades so she wanted hers to look a little more mature. I thought this font was perfect! Love it!
Don't we have some cool teachers?


Miss Rowley said…
to cute for words. I am so glad that you stoped by my blog. happy sits day.