Show Us Your Life - Christmas Trees

I am so excited that this week's Show Us Your Life series at Kelly's Korner is about Christmas trees for three reasons.
1. It motivated me to get my trees up on time.
2. This was an easy one to blog about and get pictures.
3. I can't wait to go and look at everyone else's trees and get some good ideas.
The top photo is of our main tree in the den. This is the tree that Mike and I started with when we were first married. You all have already heard about my light disaster. It all worked out. There are working lights on my tree and I still have a daughter.
We have a hodge podge of ornaments - no theme here! Several of them were made by the kids at school. Several of them are from trips. Christmas ornaments are small, easy to pack, relatively inexpensive souvenirs. Several are teacher gifts - we get double, you know! The rest are things that I thought were pretty.

This smaller tree is in the kitchen. It is candy, cooking, and gingerbread themed. I just started this one a couple of years ago because it seemed that I had lots of ornaments in this theme and my big tree was getting full. My mother gave me that sugar candy garland and there is no telling how old it is. I remember having that on our tree when I was little. It is my favorite thing on the tree.

This is Carter's tree in the little window seat area of his room. When he was very little, he wanted his very own tree. I took some of the sports themed ornaments off of our big tree to start. He has collected more sports themed ornaments over the years and they look really cute (handsome!) all together.

If Carter had a tree in his room, then by golly, Lauren had to have one, too! Hers is metallic pink - of course. I started with small, tasteful pink ornaments and a ballerina theme, but she hijacked some ornaments form the den tree that are much too big for her little tree. Once that girl gets her mind set on something, it is best to let it go. Seriously, I didn't mind and she thinks it is the most beautiful thing ever. That's what it is all about.

We all enjoy our trees all through the house. My favorite time is just at dark when I turn them all on without any overhead lights. The house just glows and you feel the Christmas spirit. I literally walk around doing my chores smiling. Corny, isn't it?
We're not the only ones loving the trees. The cats did attack them in their younger days, but now they mostly just lie under them. I would if I could.


Love your trees! They are really beautiful! I am looking forward to doing several trees every year as well! Have a Merry Christmas.
Channa said…
Thank you! I now have it up although it is no where as cute as yours!! Your trees look so good!
And I love the signs you make! I think I may have to get one!!

I am now following your blog so that we can keep in touch. Have a great day and Merry Christmas!
Tanya said…
Beautiful Christmas trees girlie!!!!!
Jill said…
I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. Your trees are beautiful! I especially love the candy themed tree! My kids would flip over that. Sooooo cute!
Elizabeth Patch said…
Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! YOu are so organized to have your trees up already...And so many cute ones!
Great trees...What a beautiful blog header...I love looking at everyone's trees...Your pictures are great...Visit my holiday blog and you will find my trees among all the others we decorate...