Show Us Your Life - Christmas Cookies

My little pampered chef and I made Christmas cookies last week. She had been begging and we did need to take a dessert to the "Snacks With Santa" event at our church. I noticed that this was scheduled and kept the camera close. We made a mess but we had such a good time! Thank goodness for the Swiffer!

We started with just store bought sugar cookie dough. You won't find any fancy recipes on this one! Lauren wanted to skip all of those steps and straight to the cookie cutters. I was sick at the time and was easy to convince.

I laid out all of the decorating stuff, gave her a deep dish baking sheet, and let her have at it. Could that be why our cookies look like a sprinkle explosion? Like I said...we had fun.

My secret sister at church had gotten me this gingerbread man lollipop cookie kit. I figured while we had all of this stuff out we might as well...

They turned out really cute. The kit came with the clear bags, little tags, and some really cute decorating stuff.

I put the in this little bucket to take to "Snacks With Santa". They were the hit of the party. They were gone so fast that we didn't even get one.


Wesley Hillis said…
You are such a good mom and I so look up to you! Lauren is such a lucky little girl!! BTW we loved the gingerbread cookies on a stick!
Summer said…
I love the lollipops! Very cute! The sprinkle explosion makes them soooo fun!
Delish looking cookies!! Yum!! :) Happy SITS day!!