A Perfect Day For Snowmen

This was the view off my back deck this morning. That's right...we got snow! We got a pretty snow that sticks to the branches. I know it's not much and it won't last long, but did I mention that it's pretty?

In honor of our snow, I thought I'd post snowmen today. This one is for Shannon Haston. I love the neutral colors she chose and, of course, the earflap hat. I've done top hats, toboggans, ear muffs, and even beach hats. The earflap hat is hard to beat!

This one was ordered by Dustin Chisam as a gift for his mom. Isn't that sweet? He wanted the khaki, black, and red. Those colors always look good together! I like the snowmen because you can have them up for Christmas, but also long into the winter.

I'm still stuck inside nursing bronchitis and can only look at our beautiful snow. You guys who are feeling well, get out and enjoy! It is so neat that we have snow for the Christmas parade.
Also, thank you Kelly and Fabulous K for my new holiday header. I love it!


i love your new header too! and the snow is gorgeous! i'm missing all the snow right now here in kansas, but i'll be back in michigan soon to see some for myself :)