The Nester Tour of Homes

This week the Show Us Your life Series is doing something a little different. First of all, it is on Monday instead of Friday. That means that I had to get my photos ready earlier! Also, instead of linking up at Kelly's Korner, we are linking up at The Nester. I love that site. It is beautiful and chock full of great ideas. I can't wait to go "on tour" and see all of the homes.

I decorate with Snow Village Houses. My mother started this when we were little. When I got my own home, she gave me a few of hers to start my own collection. We have picked up some along the way as well. My husband likes the ballparks!

I love the Art institute of Chicago. I had to have that one!
I also like to decorate with photos from Christmases past. I smile every time I get out those pictures of my sweet little butterball babies on Santa's lap.

I even use old pictures in my stocking hangers. I reprinted pictures of Mike and I when we were children with Santa.

Who is that little cutie?

Finally, I display our nutcracker collection in the fireplace. I know that sounds funny, but they look really cute in there. Carter and Lauren each get a new one for Christmas. I may have to put an end to that tradition - we are running out of space!
Thanks for visiting and happy holidays!


I ♥ your Snow Village Houses! Your house looks just beautiful and festive!
Blessings~ Trisha
Kim said…
Your pictures turned out so nice. I think the nutcrackers are my favorite!
Ruth said…
It looks so nice. Cozy and pretty. Love the nutcrackers in the fireplace. Would have never known if you hadn't told us.