Show Us Your Life - Pets

You guys see enough of the cats, but rarely do you get to see Riley. Riley is our approximately fifteen year old border collie (you can tell from this old picture!). He has been with us since we were first married. I say approximate because he was a runaway that found a loving home, and loved he is.
Riley lived with us in our little starter house. He moved in with my parents when we lived in Nashville. He is not a city dog! He licked baby Carter all over when we brought him home from the hospital and loved him from the start. He moved with us to our new house and was there to welcome Lauren. He is very protective of her and, by nature, "herds" her into the yard.
We've never had another dog. He is all the kids know. We will never have another breed. This border collie has ruined us to all others. Riley is now old and gray. He has arthritis and glaucoma. He moves slowly in mornings and winces when the kids jump on him. I know he will be moving on soon and I'm okay with that. I just hope we've made his life as happy as he's made ours.
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Anonymous said…
awww this made me cry. Of course anything with pets in general pulls at my heartstrings. Riley is a good dog to say the least. He is definately a member of the family.

Anonymous said…
Is there something I need to know?