Old Dog...New Tricks

I've been busy, busy with family canvases. These are by far my most popular design.

I think they are so popular because they are so versatile. They look fantastic in any font and color combination. They also make such good gifts, whether it be for Christmas, an anniversary, or a wedding.

I love the new cursive font. That "H" on the Harvey one is my new favorite letter! Newly engaged Nicole was my giveaway winner and she chose the pale blue with taupe and cream. What a pretty combination!

And now...my absolute new favorite! Angela Cargile (who started this whole thing!) ordered this one as a gift for a friend. When she sent me this font idea, I honestly did not think it was going to work. I am so glad I listened to her and tried it anyway. I love the simplicity of the font and the way the name and date are off centered. I did that on purpose!
Just goes to show you that you can take any design and make it fresh. Make it your own!


Nicole-Lynn said…
I see ours... and it looks amazing! I'm so excited to receive it!! Thanks so much.
Angela said…
I do really LOVE this new font! You are SO crazy talented!
Heather said…
i want to do one of these diy style for my wedding coming up, so i was wondering where do you get your fonts from and how do you get them onto the wood and painted so perfectly like that? you can also email me how at hsmith0528@gmail.com