Ho Ho Ho!

I'm feeling the Christmas spirit around here. Several holiday themed paintings have crossed my desk lately. Krista Payne, Stephanie Keith, and Jessica Stafford have all ordered the trio of canvases. The one pictured is a little different because Krista requested aqua in hers.
The red and white 4x12 pictured below is currently available at Et Cetera. I love this one! I have one of these that hangs in a wreath on my front door.

I was putting up my tree today. I was going to get it all put together and the lights on it. My plan was to save the trimmings and ornaments for Thanksgiving day. I have an old tree that we started housekeeping with. Yes, I know I should get a new prelit one, but I am sort of attached to this one. Anyway, I got the lights 75% on (this is a back breaking job and I hate it) when Lauren strips a lightbulb out of the socket and the whole. strand. goes. out. I can't fix it and I don't want to start again. I could cry. Our tree could not look more ghetto with only one little section lit.
Merry Christmas!


Paula Wanamaker said…
Maybe we should take a class together! I do that every year and end up almost having a "break-down"!!! haha
It never fails that a strand shorts out and it totally ticks me nerve!!!
Year before last, I tripped the entire breaker box---but with 24 strands, what's a girl to do???
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours:)