Witch Legs

I just love these long skinny legs (nothing like my own! ha!). These, of course, are the witch legs, but I do also have an elf version for Christmas. The wording on these two reads "Witch way to the candy?", but I could put anything you like on there. The one with the black ribbon is sold, but the orange one is available.
4x12 (shown) - $20.00
8x24 - $30.00


Misty said…
Stopping by from SITS! I think this is the second time I have posted right after you and I forgot to comment last time but I find it neat that this happened since we seem to have a friend in common! Alison Cummins. I got to know her at TTU! I love your blog and your stuff!
Feel free to visit my family blog as well as my other one where I am having some great giveaways right now!

Your stuff is adorable!!! I'm going to bookmark you for future orders! Stopping by from SITS!