I've been experimenting with some glazes and sandpaper to achieve a vintage look. Fortunately, it has been going well and everything has turned out really beautiful. Unfortunately, it doesn't photograph well. These two are so neat to see in person with all of the glaze layers, antique metallic touches, and scuffed up edges. You can kind of see some of the metallic curls in the upper left hand corner on the "Welcome Autumn".

Wesley ordered her big sis, Lindsey, a canvas for her new classroom at Morrison. Lindsey wanted vintage polka dots, so off I went to figure out how to do vintage. I really like how it turned out...wouldn't it be cute with a Christmas quote? I also bought this really pretty shiny sheer champagne ribbon to top it off.


Kari said…
These are so pretty!

Happy Saturday Sharefest from SITS, just stopping by to say hello!
Anonymous said…
Very Nice and Elegant looking!
Monica S.
These are fabulous. And it is a head of the curve. I predict that vintage, home made, remind-us-of-home products are going to become high demand. With the state of our economy we are all craving comfort and a sense of home. Beautiful.
Anonymous said…
I really like this look! Do me either this one or a collage of leaves for my door! Surprise me:)

This new look is very cool, I bet you will be able to do some pretty Christmas or winter ones with it too!