The Vaughn Family

Natasha wanted a family canvas with a burgundy backgound and khaki lettering. I know it looks pretty red, but trust me, it is burgundy. I took this photo out on the porch and I think the sun brightened it up a little.
I tried something new and did the family name in cursive instead of the traditional block. The established date is over that in a rich cream. I really like the new look, maybe just because it is a change of pace. Wouldn't it be gorgeous on the black, too? That big "V" is one of my favorite letters to do!


Rachel H. said…
I love this Brandie!! It's perfect! I want one in brown, but I'll have to order it after I get all the baby decorations completed. :)
LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait to get it.
Katrina said…
This is beautiful - love the cursive!

Coming over from SITS, thanks for the comment!
Angela said…
Beautiful work as usual! You Rock!
Anonymous said…
I love this . I want one.I will order later . Our last name starts with a Z it will look great like the big V.