Scary Words

I heard some scary words with this order and it had nothing to do with Halloween. Marcy Bouldin ordered a birthday gift for her daughter to give to her boyfriend. She said, and I quote, "Just do something a seventeen-year-old boy would like". Yikes! That rules out polka dots, paisleys, and pretty much everything else I tend to do.
I decided to keep it simple. Tyler plays two sports and she wanted both of them represented on one large 16x20 canvas. My first idea was two jerseys, but I just couldn't make it work. I like how it turned out. It was something different for me and I had fun with it. Thank you so much, Marcy and Torrye, for the opportunity.

In other sporting news, my son has started a display in my kitchen window. He has decided to feature a "helmet of the day" from baseball, pro football, and college football. He has made himself available to answer any questions about the featured teams.


Ashley's Attic said…
Carter is one of Seth's favorite kids, just so you know. I showed him this post and he laughed and laughed. He might borrow the idea for our that I'll learn about sports other than hockey!