A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I was cleaning out and organizing my computer files and came across this photgraph of Carter and Lauren from a while back. The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is so true.
They are both supposed to be sitting there looking at books. He is so serious and taking everythig he sees literally. He is totally wrapped up in the book and seems to be slightly annoyed by the distraction of his sister.
She, on the other hand, has dropped her book in favor of smiling for the camera. She is whooping it up and rocking the recliner. What book?
Two children from the same set of parents, brought up with the same rules and expectations, yet so different. I thought my second would be just like my first. I was wrong. It is amazing how much room you find in your heart.


Ashley Barnes said…
So cute and so true! I miss when they were that age. Ian got a kick out of that picture.
Because of Carter and Lauren's differences, I am expecting Elliot to be completely opposite of Ian lol.