It's Lauren's World...

...and I am just here to fix her hair! I'm just kidding, but she can be a little diva. Here she is on her first day at the Learning House this week. She is beyond excited. I kind of feel sorry for Mrs. Tina! She picked out her outfit. She loves those "dotty pants" and loves it even more that there is a shirt and bow to match. Things must match.

I finally got around to doing something for her "new" room. She has been wanting her name on the wall for a while now. It is not as if her name isn't on everything else already! I really didn't want to do another mural, so this is the comprimise. I did each letter on a 6x9 canvas. She helped choose the fonts, colors, and designs. She really wanted a little is on the N.

There are "real diamonds" on the R.

I got flowers in on the L, a heart on the A, rainbow swirls on the U, and rainbow polka dots on the E. Whew! This was the most complicated order ever!
I like it beacuse we can easily move it if we rearrange the room or take it with us wherever we end up.


Honeysmoke said…
Cute! I love artsy-fartsy stuff. Let me think about something I can get for the girls.
Anonymous said…
I love this! I'll have to figure out something for Emely's room. I'll let you know :)
Have a great weekend.
Monica S.
AngieP said…
I LOVE it Brandie!!!