Go 'Dores!

We went to the Vandy season opener this weekend. Mike and Carter have had season tickets, but this year there was a really good deal to upgrade to a family four pack. Mike surprised us with a hotel room for the night followed by a day of Labor Day sale shopping. Today I am painting, cleaning, and recovering! We really did have a good time!

Here's father and son pregame. Don't they look like big Mike and little Mike? We went to our favorite downtown Nashville place for dinner, San Antonio Taco Company (SatCo). Oh my goodness, it was good! There were a lot of pre-gamers there. Can you tell there was also live music?

We were early enough to see the band and cheerleader line up for the "star walk". It was very exciting to see all of the players and coached enter the stadium. Everyone was so fired up!

The kids loved the game and, for the most part, we very well behaved. Vandy won with several touchdowns, which meant several opportunities to do the touchdown dance...


Paula Wanamaker said…
OMGosh---SA Taco Co. is our FAVORITE Vandy hangout!!! We go there everytime we are at Vanderbilt!!! Salem says that when he's going to school there((hopefully))--he's got it made, as far as food goes---TacoCo., Ben&Jerry's, and Gigi's Cupcakes just down the street:) haha

I'm glad you and "the fam" had a great time at the ballgame, Proud the SEC did pretty good overall for the weekend openers:)
Much love to you and yours
Paula Ann
ellaandmommy said…
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ellaandmommy said…
SatCo was one of my favorite places when I was at Lipscomb. I have so many good memories there. :)

We missed you guys at Bree's party, but are glad that you guys had fun. You have such a sweet family.

Let me know what will be the best way to get my order from you this week?

Anonymous said…
Loved all your Vandy pics!! I think they were suppose to honor my aunt's sister's husband, Roy Skinner, former Vandy Basketball coach at the game. Think they were going to induct him into the Hall of Fame at the first game. Also love your new family canvases with the cursive font! Looking at my beach retreat canvas right now!! :)ppw