Getting Ready!

I am getting ready for Saturday! The Autumn Street Fair is one of my favorite days of the whole year. Not only do I get to spend the day outdoors talking art, I get to see so many people. There are always lots of new faces, which I enjoy, but it is those old friends and customers that make my day. I live in the same small town as many of you, but rarely get to actually see you.
I also think it is funny that I don't know what some of best customers even look like! So many of us communicate with email and I mail you finished orders or do a drop-off delivery and we never actually meet. If that's the case, please come and introduce yourself!

Hillari Hale ordered the witch legs completely customized to fit her family. She wanted "Mommy" legs, daughter "Claire" legs, and "Gracee" the black cat. This turned out so cute and is just a reminder to take the designs I offer and make them your own. I am more than happy to work with you to make your canvas personal.


Natasha said…
I can't wait till Saturday. I'm so excited to see you new stuff and my stuff in person.
Anonymous said…
Cute! Happy Fall :)
Monica S.
Brandie I love this. The little cat makes me think of Bewitched, lol. Which is where mom got my name. Too cute.