This is the cutest quote ever! I, too, am a shoe addict. It doesn't shoes, heels, ballet flats, espadrilles, moccasins, sandals...I wear them all. It is true that the right pair of shoes makes the outfit and you just feel better all day.
I think this is perfect for cool, young, hip, single girl, on her own Krista Payne. I work with Miss Krista and she is such a sweetie! Enjoy!


Hi Brandie, Thank you for stopping by my blog. Lovely to meet you! Your blog is gorgeous & so is your artwork! This Cinderella quote is very cute! I totally identify with what you have said about shoes. Best wishes, Carla.
Design it Chic said…
this is a cute quote indeed! thanks for stopping by the other day !Happy Wednesday!

*fellow SITSta here
aw so cute and it can be true...:)
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