Trick or Treat

Is it too early to be thinking of fall and Halloween? I am not a big fan of super hot weather, and even though this has been a blissfully mild summer, I am so ready so ready for that little nip in the air.
I did have a reason to do these! Shannon in Cookeville, Tennessee, ordered a Halloween trio to fit in that little hard-to-fit nook. She asked for a boo, a witch hat, and witch shoes. She didn't want beads or ribbons. They look so cute standing on their own or on an easel.
The top design is a smaller version of last season's witch legs. I have two available for $15.00 each. They both feature glass Halloween beading. It would be a great teacher gift, to go in a wreath, or for your hard-to-fit place!


Amy said…
Just stopping by from SITS Sharefest. Do you make these cute crafts. This is the first time I have stopped by. I just wanted to say Hello...