Show Us Your Life - Favorite Vacations

I am participating in the "Show Us Your Life" series by Kelly at Kelly's Korner. I have so enjoyed looking at some of the other favorite trips. The weddings sure were fun, too!
My favorite trip by far was our tenth wedding anniversary trip to Europe. It was a very special time for just the two of us. We get so little of that! We saw so many new and exciting things and places. We acted silly, stayed up late, and ate way too much. Here we are goofing off at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Don't worry, we weren't the only ones!

Pompeii was my favorite stop on the trip. I had only read about it and books cannot describe the eerie yet peaceful feeling you when you are there. The view and the ruins are beautiful beyond belief. The weather was perfect that day.

Again, here we are goofing off. This time we are in front of the Coliseum in Rome. These guys are making a fortune posing with tourists as soldiers!

Every afternoon when we returned to our room our towels were folded into a different animal. We couldn't wait to open the door and see what was waiting for us. Our favorite was the bat hanging from the ceiling. Mike even took the towel folding class!

My second favorite stop was France. I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy France because you always hear horror stories. We were on the coast and even took a little side trip to Monaco. All of the people are to chic, the homes are gorgeous, and the water and boats just took my breath away. We enjoyed "dress up night" and danced for the first time in a really long time. I also ate my weight in coconut gelato!

I've got a little something (well, several little somethings!) on my mind for the fifteenth. It is justa round the corner! I already have an African safari booklet tucked away for the twentieth!


Wow awesome trip!!!! We spent one night in a bed and breakfast near Pigeon Forge. No comparison to yours
Rita said…
What a wonderful gift to each other. Thanks for sharing.
Sarah said…
We just got back from our first vacation since our honeymoon (6 years!) It's so fun to reconnect, stay up late, and just be like kids again! Maybe I can convince my hubby to head to Europe for our 10th!