First Time Football

Carter played in his very first football game this weekend. That's him on the end - number 46. It was just scrimage, but he was really excited and had a great time.

Lauren had to try on the helmet. I am glad Carter has learned how to put on all of his equipment. Mike was busy one night and left all of the pieces for me to put together. It took a good thirty minutes. Those pants are a puzzle!

Oh my! He looks so handsome and grown up.

Here's miss priss in her new polka dotted ruffle pants. Laura Dunn is so talented! She made her these pioneer pride pants in no time. They fit perfect and are just too cute. Lauren is Carter's unofficial cheerleader. He just smiles and says, "Please don't embarrass me".


Tanya said…
That's one handsome little football player you've got there. You may be in trouble when he gets older. That is so funny about Lauren being Carter's cheerleader. I go to my nephew's games and he feels the same way as Carter. He gets embarassed and can't stand it when I scream for him. I just can't help myself though!
Tanya said…
Well Brandie, I kept wondering why I was missing so many of your posts and why it wasn't showing me on my dashboard whenever you would update, but it's because I never became a follower!!! I thought I did!!! Weird!!! Anyway, I am now. I won't miss anymore!
Ashley Barnes said…
So cute. Can't wait to see one of his games! This morning Ian and Adam were wrestling, and Ian said "Sack, tackle Carter".