Yard Sale Preview

I'm supposed to be having a yard sale tomorrow, weather pending. I have been working room by room since school has been out. I know the odds aren't good, but I am really wanting to get my garage cleaned out and make a little vacation money. I guess there is always next Saturday!
Anyway, I have some really nice things that are hard to part with sentimental wise, but you just can't keep everything. I especially get attached to the kids' clothes for some reason. If you have a little girl who needs 4T for fall and winter, then this is your place. I wanted to preview a few items like the L monogrammed Kelly's Kids turtleneck dress in mint condition. Lauren wore it to church twice ~ four hours total! I should be ashamed of myself! Behind it is a Gymboree sweater dress with matching brown turtleneck. There are lots of Gymboree sets with matching hairbows.
Wesley and Kim ~ call me!

I have a weakness for all of those gorgeous smocked dresses. I will be heartbroken when Lauren doesn't want to wear them anymore. I did keep several of them, but I do have these three to part with. All are in perfect condition!

I have lots of Kelly's Kids. Their chocolate and light blue line was a favorite. This is the jumper, long sleeve tee, leggings, and polka dotted dress (XS 3-4). Below is Lauren's favorite from last season, a rainbow striped dress with coordinated flowered tights and custom made to match hairbows (XS 3-4).

Carter has outgrown his bike, the Painkiller! He wants a scooter t hat makes sparks with the brake for his upcoming birthday. He is such a boy! He has also outgrown a lot of his toys. I have everything from Star Wars to Indiana Jones to Pirates of the Caribbean. Oh yes, TONS of books. We really attacked our overstuffed bookcase.

We also have every Little People product ever made. Many of these were Carter's and got passed down to Lauren. Now she has outgrown them, too. The whole set would be great for a preschool or daycare.

I have also cleaned out my closet, especially shoes! I wear a size nine. There are also lots of household items including that beautiful fall wreath behing some of thse dresses. My mom, dad, and Emily have also brought over several loads of stuff.

Geez, it feels good to get things cleaned out and have some open space!


Ashley's Attic said…
Don't forget that if you have any coats, sweaters, sweats, cardigans, or kids books leftover after the yard sale....you can donate them to Junior Auxiliary for our Coats for the Community and Book Drive projects! I'll even come and get them from you. You can count it as a few hours of service, too, for getting them together, making the donation and for washing the clothing items!
I hope your garage sale was successful. I'm planning to give one in July.