Two More Cool Teachers

Tenara King is a brand spankin' new teacher at Hickory Creek. I am so excited for one of my former students! Tenara was also my class helper when I taught first grade at Boyd Christian School. My, they do grow up fast!
She is doing a peace, love, and learning theme and wanted a cute little something for her door. I found this font called "Peace Out" and knew it was perfect. I did forget to photograph it, so thank you, Tenara, for sending me one to post. Congratulations!

Kristie Woods is a first grade teacher at Bobby Ray. We have been working to gether for a while now. Kristie was working towards her certification when she filled in some for me while I was out with Lauren. She is such a sweet person! She wanted the black background with all of the bright colors in her name and dots. I do lots of quotes in this design, but this is the first time for a name. I really like it! I need to do one for my room! I love the way it looks with the funky beaded handle.

All of this school talk has gotten me to thinking, is summer break already halfway over?


Tenara King said…
love it! love it! Yes, summer is half way over....I know you aren't ready but I am ready to get into my classroom and start my first year!