Three Girls

I can't imagine! My one is more than enough sometimes! If anyone can handle it beautifully, it is my friend Amy Crouch. She already has her sweet girl, Brooklyn, and is expecting twins Cassie and Callie in August. I started out doing these monograms for the twins. As I was working, I remembered how much Carter loved getting a gift when Lauren was on her way. I did them a little smaller on a 6x9 canvas so she can hang them all together in a little nook, maybe in a bathroom or hallway.
I love my new font. It is called "Ballpark Wiener"! I thought that was funny.


Wow that's alot of drama for one house. Those are beautiful.. Love the new font. It doesn't look anything like a ballpark weiner, its

sorry I didn't get back with you yesterday. I will wait until next week. This week is too crazy.
Alison Cummins said…
These are absolutely gorgeous!!