I guess it is because I have a little more time on my hands in the summer, but I am becoming obsessed with a few things. I always have a summer project. This year it is moving Carter upstairs, Lauren into Carter's old room, and {{giddy with joy!}} my studio downstairs. It is a lot of work, but I am an obsessed painting machine. The after photo of my new studio/Lauren's old room is above and the before is below.

Just getting everything ready to paint took forever. I filled in all the nail holes and cleaned the baseboards. When I started cleaning the walls here and there is when the obsession with the Magic Eraser kicked in. I've never used one of these things. They are amazing! They take of dirt that I didn't even know was there. I don't even have to paint my trim now.

Coffee is probably fueling me somewhat. I am always trying new creamer flavors (I guess that's always been a bit of an obsession), but Italian Sweet Cream is absolutely obsessive! I think I will start drinking it by the cup and adding a dash of coffee.

Finally, I am watching way too much Jon and Kate. This summer is the first time I've ever seen an episode and now I am addicted. It's like a car wreck, you know you shouldn't be watching but you can't look away. I have to say that I was not surprised by their "big announcement". I would have been more surprised if they were quitting the show to work on their marriage privately. Still, they are a captivating family and I hope it all works out for them.

Last summer it was America's Next Top Model. You cannot just watch one episode at a time and there is always a marathon on!
If I am not doing any of the above things, I am on this blasted laptop playing Mah Jong. I play it every day and I play until I win. All you have to do is match up these little Japanese tiles. Not hard, not complicated, but completely obsessive. Here is the link to my favorite...go there only if you dare!


Anonymous said…
I have been watching jon and kate plus 8 ever since it first aired! I have watched literally every episode, and it saddens me to see them split. It also angers me! She said once before( mind I say before the money and fame hit them) that if the show ever started to complicate things with their family they would stop doing the show immediately. I would think if my marriage was at stake, the show would be my last priority. SO they are now splitting but yet STILL doing the show seperately? Looks to me that they are willing to do anything to keep the show going and the money rolling in. Its very sad because I love this family! Anyways off my soap box lol I find out in two weeks what the baby is so after that I am definitely wanting to get you to do some paintings for the nursery!
Tenara King said…
Thanks so much for my teacher sign. I love it!!!!! It is going to match my theme of my classroom so well! It makes me so excited and ready to get into my classroom!
Paula Wanamaker said…
Were we separated at birth??? I am totally cracking up at this post, because I thought I was reading something about myself. First of all, I have cleaned so much in the past few days, that I'm totally pooped out! Just this morning after I got home from walking, Terry and I decided to clean carpets. I am very "anal", so of course, I had to wipe down ceilings, baseboards, trim, doors, and windows, with my "Magic Erasers"---I used up 2, 4pk.boxes today!!! LOVE,LOVE, LOVE those things, they clean ANYTHING!!! Then about the coffee, Girl you know that's the only thing that keeps this ol' chick running:) Meanwhile, if you like new creamers, try the "Southern Praline Pecan", it is my all time favorite---I promise you will love it:)
And last but not least, Terry makes fun of me, all the time for watching "America's Next Top Model" but I watch it everytime it is on, and like you said, you can't just watch one episode, you have to watch the whole season---it's great, and I'm totally obsessed too:)
Hope you and your beautiful family are having a great summer!
Love you,
Anonymous said…
We are definately sisters! I too and obsessed with the game and play it every night until I win a game (which keeps me up way too late sometimes). You know I have always loved Jon and Kate. Ashley and I told you that you were missing out! Now just watch Real Housewives and you will be really addicted!

Can't wait to see the new rooms, I know the kids are excited!

Kim said…
I love the magic eraser! I want to know what is in that thing?! Because you are right, it removes everything . . . including paint! hahaha

btw - we are practically neighbors -I'm in Murfreesboro!?