Mr. Winfrey

Angela Sweeton ordered a "manly" W monogram for her dad's front door as his Father's Day gift. Thank you for sending me the pciture! I have to admit that I had trouble when it came to designing a masculine canvas. Everything I do tends to be at least a little bit girly!
Mr. Winfrey just moved into a new log cabin type home. I got to thinking about that type of house, what my dad would like, and perused fonts. I came up with this sort of modern/western look in earth tones. The Winfrey name and dot border are in a deep forest green, the W in burnt orange, and the border in chocolate brown and cream. The sides of the canvas features striping in these same colors.
As it turns out, I really, really like this one. I want to turn the canvas the horizontally and do a Mansfield one. These are some of my favorite colors and work on any house any time of the year. I also like the clean simplicity of it with the hidden stripe surprise on the side and small details.

My dad doesn't look at the blog, so I can tell you that he is getting a big ceral bowl that I painted for him. Do you have your dad's gift yet?