Fall Creek Falls

Well, we've made it through another Leadership Conference at Fall Creek Falls. Mike goes to work, we go to play. For those of you in other parts of the world who read the blog, Fall Creek Falls is a state park about an hour away from our home that features a beautiful waterfall, forests, animals, a lodge, camping, pools, and all kinds of trails. This is really the only time we go there, but we always have a wonderful time and continue to look forward to our annual visit.
Our big excitement is the snake. He was on the bike trail and posed for pictures. Lauren named him "Isaac" and was ready to bring him home and love him forever. Carter is convinced it is a copperhead. I don't know...

Carter got his sparky scooter and couldn't wait to try it out. I have to say that is is pretty cool. Lauren wouldn't ride anywhere near him for fear of burning.

We hiked to the bottom of the Cascades and got caught in a flash flood, literally. Can you see how hard the rain is hitting the water? We looked like drowned rats whe we got back to the lodge!

Just a few more shots of us messing around and just having fun. The scenery really was breathtaking. It was so good to be outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Warning ~ no make up, au natural!

I've nicknamed Carter "Bear Grylls". He is trying to catch a fish with that little net.


Alison Cummins said…
OMG!! That is one scary snake. You are one BRAVE mommy to take a picture. Looks like you guys had a blast!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE Fall Creek Falls, looks like yall had a great time....besides the snake of course!!