Busy Yet Relaxed

Whew! I have been a busy little bee this first week of break. Somehow with all of this activity, I still feel rested. We have two ballgame schedules, and with Mike coaching Carter and me coaching Lauren, we have to be at every game and practice.
Carter loved his first week of YSI so much that he begged to go the second week, too. Luckily there was space. Lauren and I have been tearing into the house while the boys are out to get ready for our upcoming yard sale. We completely cleaned out her room. I mean completely. There was nothing left but the bed and dresser.
After scrubbing the baseboards, walls, and a good vacuuming, we only put back the things she really loves and plays with frequently. Everything else was trash, storage, or yard sale. We did a few little things to make it more of a "big girl room", which is bittersweet. We painted this school desk for her to play with. She loves to write and this is sort of a special place for her to do that and keep her papers. She chose all of the colors and where to put the dots. It also had to be sprayed with glitter, of course! She also wanted a reading lamp by her bed. I had this antique from my grandmother in storage. I dug it out, gave it a good cleaning, and it worked perfectly. Check out that princess phone!

I went by the Frame Peddler and picked up my order from their April sale. I was so happy to get my beach picture back! It looks fantastic! I finally took down all of my spring and Easter (yes, spring and Easter, please don't judge me!) stuff from the mantle and hopefully made it look more like summer.

Finally, we did spend some time at the pool. I love the sun and swimming. I always feel so healthy filling up my lungs and stretching out under the water. We all look so cute with some pink on our cheeks!


Anonymous said…
What a cool desk for Lauren!
Monica S.