Teachers To Be

I've finished another semester teaching art for the 2+2 Program with Tennessee Tech. For those of you who don't know, 2+2 is a program that allows the students to move together as a group through the classes required for a teacher's license. I wish it had been around when I was getting mine!
During one of our last class periods, we did one of my favorite projects...tie dying! They turned out all bright and beautiful. You just can't mess this stuff up!
I had a wonderful group of students who were so much fun to work with. There were also so many this time that I did not already know. I truly looked forward to Monday afternoons and I will miss my "art time". You guys will make great teachers!


tiffany s said…
Hey, is it that girl in the middle name Melissa?? I think I remember her back in school looong time ago! She may or may not remember me but could you please tell her I said hello!
Also, the tie dye looks so much fun... I need to try it sometime :)