Pretty Plates

Still available.
Spoken for.
Need a last minute teacher gift? These two pretty plates are both available. I love, love, love the colors! That pale aqua/green color is just gorgeous, especially paired with a soft cream and chocolate brown.
These are wooden plates that have been handpainted and then sealed with a gloss. You can serve from them, use them for display, and wipe off with a damp cloth. They are not oven, dishwasher, or microwave safe.



Stacey said…
Brandie - Do you have anything like that in a red plate? I would love one for my kitchen. My kitchen is red and yellow. Just let me know!

Brandie said…
Hi Stacey! No, I do not have anymore right now. I am on the prowl for some new blank plates. If I find some, I'll let you know.
I was looking through blogs and links to other blogs and such and happened upon yours (again). I talked with your sister, Ashley and asked her before the show at Bobby Ray if she was going to be there. She said she wasn't but you were. I told her I would introduce myself to you and I totally forgot.

I remember looking at your booth and it was adorable. You have beautiful stuff. You are so talented.

I had the stamped jewelry and glass and scrabble tile pendants.