May Is Chaos

The month of May is chaotic for us educators. You can imagine our house~it hits us double! Not only is every single thing due this month, there are also all kinds of special end of the year things going on, and let's not even start on the nights spent at the ballpark.
My friend, Ashley Freeman, is experiencing a chaotic month as well. She is finishing up a big semester in college, working, and planning a wedding! She emailed and said she needed an inspirational little something. I found this quote and immediately loved it as a reminder, for me as well, that the stillness needs to be inside of you no matter the chaos on the outside.


Anonymous said…
I believe we all need to be reminded of the little things!
Happy Mothers Day.
Monica S.
Ashley said…
I loved it.. once again thank you! NOw its on to planning this wedding.. and i have no clue where to begin!