Weekend Update

It has been a really busy past few days at the Mansfield house. It all started with ball practice Thursday night, a birthday party for my sister at our house Friday night, a birthday party for my niece in Murfreesboro Saturday night, and it all came to a head with Easter Sunday. Let's not even look at the calendar for this week! Plus, it is TCAP week. Mercy.
Amongst all of this chaos, life is happening. My son has learned a lesson in talking back. A hard lesson. We are also trying really hard to teach our children about personal responsibility. I can't always remember everything and I'm not always able to do everything for them. Another hard lesson for all of us.
By looking at the pictures, it does seem that we are managing to have some fun along the way. We went to the Titans Caravan tonight. Carter has a new friend in Jonathan Hutton, who just happens to work for the Titans. He is a very nice man and took the time to invite us onto the tour bus. I don't think my son will sleep for the rest of the week. His life is now complete.

I slipped in a picture of our colored Easter eggs. This was the first time I have ever colored real eggs with my kids. I know, it is a crime. They had a million questions, got dye literally everywhere, and had a good hour of pure fun. The only bad part was when they found out that they couldn't keep them forever.


Anonymous said…
Their eggs are beautiful!! I haven't yet decided when Lilly will be ready for real eggs..umm..maybe when she's 16..LOL..see you tomorrow night!!!