May We Bear our Sorrow with Trustful Hearts

Eternal God, who sends consolation to all sorrowing hearts,
we turn to You for solace in this, our trying hour.
Though bowed in grief as our loved one departs from our midst to enter into peace of life eternal,
we reaffirm our faith in Your compassion and Your ever-present love.
May we bear our sorrow with trustful hearts,
and knowing You are near, may we not despair.
Into Your hands we commend the spirit of our beloved.
Body and soul are Yours, O God,
and in Your presence we cast off fear and are at peace.
"There is no death, what we call death.
Is but surcease from strife;
They do not die who we call dead,
They go from life ... to Life."

I had planned to blog about something else this afternoon, but all of my thoughts are filled with sweet Kaleb and his family. He was on Carter's all-star baseball team last year and was a healthy, vibrant boy who was a joy to be around. When I saw that Kim had posted this quote, it put into words several things that I am just not able to right now. I am going to go say a little prayer and then hold my babies for while...


Anonymous said…
I know..I don't want her or Lee out of my site...